▲Unfrozen(cold) Dais Handmade Fresh Organic Natto (chuutsubu/Ohtsubu : 220g)


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Dai’s Natto : 手作りオーガニック中・大粒納豆 (冷蔵、220g = 約5パック分)

Dai’s Natto : Handmade Organic Chu/Ootsubu Natto (Keep in Fridge, 220g = approx 5 serves)




小粒納豆との違いを是非お楽しみください 🙂




・タレはついていません。Dai’s Nattoは白だし、めんつゆ、お醤油をお勧めしています。





We’ve had the most requests for organic natto since the beginning, and now we’re ready !! 

The size of the soybeans are medium and large. 

Please enjoy the difference between our small size natto 🙂

Please keep in Fridge NOT in Freezer.

– There are only 2 ingredients, Australian Soybean and Natto Starter imported from Japan.

– Eco Friendly, using paper container and Biodegradable cling wrap.

– No sauce included, Dai’s Natto recommends Shiro-dashi, Men-Tsuyu, Soy Sauce.

– The size is 220g (approx 5 servings).

– Best before is 12 days from production date.

– It will slowly keep fermenting in fridge and Umami will increase as the days go by.