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Umeya.com.au is managed by UME-YA Pty. Ltd.

UME-YA Pty. Ltd. was established in July 2002 in Sydney, Australia. Since then we have provided a various range of Japanese foods and videos at reasonable prices. Our services are not only for the Japanese but for all local people as well.

We always update our products and have a discount sale on every weekend. Our delivery service is highly acclaimed.

We work to serve all of our customers so that they can buy our products with confidence.

We at Umeya aim to keep providing a wide range of Japanese food at reasonable prices.

Please enjoy shopping with Umeya.com.au.

Umeya Manager
Ryoichi Umeki


Weekly Sale

Thursday 23/01/2020 - Wednesday 29/01/2020
  • The bargain prices are only for instore purchases.
  • We will charge normal prices for online shopping and fax orders.

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